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Privacy Policy

Thank you very much for being interested in our services offered through our website, mobile applications, telephones, emails or any other oral communication.
This policy contains all of QualityMap's practices and procedures in collecting and using information acquired when you use one of our services. The criteria for ensuring the privacy of the system with regard to the disclosure of information obtained respects the criteria established in the legislation applicable to the domain of existing standards throughout Brazilian territory.
By purchasing one of our services, the user accepts the privacy practices described in this policy.
This privacy policy may be updated due to a possible regulatory update. Therefore, we invite the user to periodically visit this document. If you have any questions about this document, please contact us at
Information we collect about and use
QualityMap uses the data collected from the user to improve its performance, enhance and develop new features, analyze how the service is used, identify technical or service problems, maintain security, personalize content, track metrics such as total visitors to the month, information traffic by demographic regions. All information processed is of utmost interest to QualityMap in improving users' experience with services, respecting applicable laws.
A – Information provided by the user: to use our services as a user or visitor, you must provide some personal information such as email, name, telephone number, credit card and other billing information. In addition to personal information, implicit information is provided such as geographic data and usage preferences. When using the integrations available on QualityMap with third parties, the user is aware that their name, email address and other information chosen by them will be visible to other users, in accordance with their settings on the Service.
We may use your information to:
Improve our services Send marketing messages related to our services and if you do not want to receive these messages, you can unsubscribe by following the instructions in the message sent Resolve a support request Respond to comments and questions
B – Customer content: in addition to personal information, the user will also provide customer data on our services through registrations and imports. QualityMap is not responsible for its customers' data entered into its service, it is up to the companies that use our services to notify their customers about the purpose of the data and how it is processed.
We may, but have no obligation to, monitor the content posted on our service. We may remove any information you post for any reason or no reason. However, any QualityMap employee will only have access to this content if they: need to investigate a possible technical failure or improve a service help the user resolve a support request to comply with the law regarding some type of investigation into the user's company.
C – Information collected intuitively: when the user accesses our website or services, we may use some technologies to improve the browsing experience and collect information such as IP, browser, date and time of access, how long you spent on a certain page. In addition to access information, we can also check whether an email message has been opened, replied to or forwarded. To obtain this information, we use 'Cookies' technology, which can transmit anonymous information about how you browse our services. To remove cookies you can access your browser's documentation, however some services may not work as expected if these cookie saving options are disabled in your browser.
We use this information in order to personalize our service, our solutions, and assist the user in filling out forms with information already provided to us.
D – Third-party tool: QualityMap uses Google Analytics to capture visitor information with the aim of improving services. Consequently, this tool also has access to data that is extracted such as IP, number of visitors, browsing time, among others. The use of information is governed by its privacy policy. We use this information to improve our marketing campaigns, create navigation reports and which are used by site administrators.
How we share your information
We do not provide your information to third parties except as described in this document. All information sharing is done with the user's consent. We may disclose your information only if authorized by the user as in the situations below:
A – Corporate account publications: all information published by the user in the software can be accessed by users with an administrator profile. They can access all information without restrictions.
B – Public networks: all information published by the user on any public network of our services will be available to any visitor who has access.
C – Service providers, business partners: QualityMap works with companies that provide websites, application development, hosting, among others. They may have access to and process information about their customers. Therefore, we only provide what is necessary for them to perform their services and we have information confidentiality agreements.
D – Business Transfer: as we develop our business, we may eventually buy or sell assets, merge with other companies, change the entire board, pass command to a successor. In these transactions, customer information such as email and account data is one of the transferred business assets.
E – Third-party services: We may share data with a third-party application with your consent. For example, when you use a service to log into our system such as Google or Facebook. However, we are not responsible for the information that these applications share, so we recommend that you access their privacy policies to find out about this.
F – Compliance with the law: we may disclose your personal data if we are required to do so by law or any intimidation that we understand is necessary to defend QualityMap's rights and the safety of any person against any type of unlawful action.
G – Non-personally identifiable information: we may disclose your non-private information to third parties in order to help them understand the usage patterns of some services, for commercial or marketing purposes. This information is anonymous usage data, types of platforms used, etc.
How we protect your information
Ensuring the security of your information is important to us. To preserve the integrity and security of your personal information, we continually back up data to prevent data loss and assist in recovery if necessary. There is no 100% secure form of electronic data storage transmission, therefore, we cannot guarantee the complete security of any information transmitted or stored on the service.
Any issues related to the compromise of information security in our services, QualityMap will immediately notify each person whose data has been compromised in accordance with this privacy policy or as required by applicable law.
Your choices about your information
We respect the privacy rights of our customers, so the user can:
Request a report of all personal information we hold about you, via an electronically portable report. Request the change of any outdated information about it. Request the deletion of any personal information about you. Request to opt out of Google Analytics analysis using the opt-out feature. Request not to receive commercial and marketing messages, this unsubscription can be done by following the instructions in the message itself or by sending an email to us requesting removal. It is important to be aware that administrative messages will continue to be sent. To request some of the services mentioned, simply contact us.
The user can choose not to share certain information with us, however, we cannot guarantee that we will offer some features of our services.
This policy does not correspond to the alteration or deletion of customers' personal data, in this case the management policy is the sole responsibility of the customer and their service administrators.
QualityMap Blog and Community
As a community service, we offer a blog with various content that can be accessed by anyone with internet access. The user must be aware that any publication made on these services will be available to all visitors to the page, even if they cancel the use of our services.
Why we use your personal information
We have some reasons for collecting your information and using it in our services, these are:
Drawing up a contract – We need to collect and use some personal information to formalize our service provision contract.
Consent – We collect personal information, such as precise location information and cookies, as described in this privacy policy, to improve our services, products and the content of our services.
Retention and Deletion
After any cancellation of your account, we may keep your personal data stored for a period of 6 months or 180 days. These are maintained for the purpose of maintaining any legal, regulatory, accounting or reporting requirements.
During this period, we may anonymize your personal information so that it is not associated with you.
Links to other websites
QualityMap is not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to our services, nor for the data and content provided by them. Therefore, when the user accesses a link that is not part of our services, our privacy policy is no longer in force and the rules of the website accessed begin to apply.
How to contact us
You can contact us with any questions you may have about this Policy, your personal data and our information use and disclosure practices. Our contact is
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